I am a musician, artist and pedal builder currently residing in Brisbane, Australia.

During my time on earth I wish to create tangible experiences which are used by generations to come; this is merely one area in which I hope to leave something behind.  I hope to serve the artist within you to the best of my abilities and bring to light what has been hidden through one of my devices.


Nic Belor / Sonic Deliverance



Are the devices made to order or do you have stock?

Yes and Yes. All devices are currently being hand-built around the clock in batch format.  Depending on the current build list, orders will be completed within a 2-4 week timeframe. This timeframe is often an absolute maximum to allow for larger batches.

When will I receive my device(s)?

Within 7-10 working days of the build being completed. It will be sent via Australia Post Standard Airmail (with tracking), unless otherwise specified.

I don’t like how this device makes me feel / sound / appear to my friends…

All sales are final.  No refunds or returns unless due to mechanical failure - see warranty.

My device came in a different colour to what I saw on instagram / webstore etc and I really wanted the xxxx colour, screw you!

Colours will vary as to keep each run in limited quantities.  I love the idea of people having something special and I don’t want to stare at the same coloured enclosure all day; win win (I hope!)